Catching up via Instagram: 5/15/2016

This past month has been a roller-coaster. I’ve realized that my moods largely depend on the weather (duh, I know), and we had spring weather with blossoms, followed by eight straight days of rain (and yes, I was counting), followed by the sun’s triumphant return and greens replacing the pinks. Personally, I celebrated my birthday (how was that less than a month ago?!), fell into a depressive funk, and then got happier but stayed super lazy as it started to warm up outside (again…). Here’s a little glimpse of the drama.

New York City Freedom Tower from TribecaTulips in Washington Square, New York City

I spent a morning frolicking around Tribeca with friends (how good is the view?!) and an afternoon frolicking around Washington Square (my fave) during the early days of spring.

Bareburger, Greenwich Village, New York City

My friend Dani came to visit from San Diego, and we decided to celebrate with the first al fresco meal of the season: healthy burgers at Bareburger! Unfortunately, it got chilly as soon as the sun went down. We may have been overly optimistic…

Cherry blossoms in Washington Square, New York CityBirthday strawberry shortcakeBirthday girl

It was miraculously 70 degrees on my birthday and I wore a dress for the first time this season! My roommate made me that beautiful strawberry shortcake (because I don’t like frosting – so thoughtful!) and Emmie came over after work (and dinner!) to sit with me while I opened presents from my family. It was a most excellent day!

Sun shining through the trees in Union Square, New York CityNational Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day was a highlight, of course. I don’t need an excuse to indulge – I frequently stop at street carts for pretzels, and the new Wetzel’s in the Fulton Center is a hazard to my health – but I spoiled myself by picking up some spicy mustard for the occasion.

Cherry Blossoms in Greenwich Village, New York CityEmpire State Building, New York CityColorful tulips at Brooklyn Heights PromenadeNew York City skyline from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

I’m glad I took advantage of the weather and got so many photos before it got dreary out!

Rainy day in Union Square, New York CityRainy Day on Avenue of the Americas, New York City

It’s very, very hard to capture good imagery in the rain. The only highlight (metaphorical, unfortunately) in that week was an afternoon with my friend Molly. For our birthdays every year (they’re six months apart!) we splurge on Thai food (Republic, above, is a favorite) and then browse our favorite bookstores.

Chika Mexicana, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City

When the sun finally did emerge, I already had plans to be super lazy with takeout and Netflix (and Emmie, lest you think I’m super anti-social). Still, it was nice to see the rays streaming into Chika while I waited for my burrito bowl.

Sun shining through the trees at Union Square, New York CitySun shining, open lawn at Bryant Park

Naturally I spent the last week outside as much as humanly possible! I popped by Bryant Park on a day off and it happened to be the first day the lawn was open for the season – the joy was palpable!

Havilah Cunnington speaking at Liberty Sisterhood

On Friday night, my church had a Sisterhood event – always a highlight for me! Havilah Cunnington was able to join us and preach an amazing message, and I was super lucky to have a front-row seat. So excited to hear her speak again at She Is Free in the fall!

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