Books I read in April

I’ve been putting off writing this post because I feel like I flopped again… it’s been very back-and-forth this year, with 6-book months alternating with months when I read about half that. But! In addition to the three books I did read, I also read half of two other books! One will go in May’s roundup, and the other is Eat, Pray, Love. Again. I think it’s time to admit I’m the only person on this earth who’s not a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here’s what I managed to read in April.

Reading My Paris Dream by Kate Betts

My Paris Dream, Kate Betts

If a book has the words “memoir,” “France,” and “journalist” on the back cover, it’s safe to bet I’m going to read it. My Paris Dream was a fun peek into the life of an American in Paris in the 1980s, as well as a glimpse into the fashion industry, which is a complete mystery to me. It was a quick, easy read. Three stars

Spellshocked, Michelle Monroe

My friend wrote this book! I have a friend who wrote a book! It’s a sci-fi/fantasy novel about a 20-something waitress in LA who wakes up one day in a hospital to discover she has super powers. If you’re thinking this is way outside my usual genre, you’d be correct. I started it to be a supportive friend, and I finished it because it was REALLY REALLY GOOD. Seriously. Download it! It’s free! Four stars

Looking for LovelyAnnie F. Downs

I read this one on the recommendations of my mom and sister, and because I read Downs’ Let’s All Be Brave for a community group once and enjoyed it. It’s mostly anecdotal, the story of Downs’ journey to discover loveliness in the every day – quite similar to my own mission – with applicable tips at the end of each chapter. It’s another quick read, mostly fluffy but with some substance to be found. Three stars

Although it was a slow month, I’m only one book behind being on track to meet my goal of reading 52 books this year! (Goodreads says I’m two books behind, but Spellshocked isn’t on there yet). I went on a book-buying spree last week, so hopefully I get more read in May! Stay tuned!


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