Hi! I’m Leigh Anne. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

Leigh Anne in Nice

Nice, France, May 2014

This blog is where I chronicle my attempts at a life of genuine delight.

A bit about me…

I live in Brooklyn, New York, and consider myself a journalist by trade.

I’ve also lived in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Phoenix and (briefly) Orlando.

I love to travel, but I also love New York City and try to treat every single day as if I’m on vacation.

I’m using DuoLingo to teach myself French, just for funsies.

My favorite sports are baseball and football – but only high-school football. I could take or leave college football (though I enjoy when my ASU Sun Devils are doing well) and don’t follow the NFL at all.

I didn’t appreciate quality Mexican food until I moved to the Northeast and now I can’t find decent tacos anywhere (NYCers, help me out?)

UPDATE, February 2015: I found tacos! Check out Five Tacos in the East Village.

Every morning I set my iPhone to play Best Day Of My Life as I’m climbing out of the subway. Deal with it.

At one point, I would have listed my three biggest goals as living in NYC, visiting Paris and being in the same room as Amy Poehler. All three of those things happened in May 2014. If I hadn’t also had bronchitis, I’d quickly declare that the best month of my life. It might have been anyway.

My favorite TV show is, and probably always will be, Friends.

I attend Liberty Church and it’s changed my life.

Phoenix, Arizona, April 2013 - My 23rd birthday!

Phoenix, Arizona, April 2013 – My 23rd birthday!

That’s a glimpse at me! I hope you’ll stick around and see what I’m up to.

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