5 delightful TV shows I’m watching

Can you guys believe it’s been nearly two years since I’ve talked about television on here?! For something that, for better or worse, is a huge part of my life, that seems so absurd. You may know from my monthly currently posts that this season was a weird one for me, with more binging old shows than keeping up with new ones. But now I have some new favorites, and it seemed like a good time to share those with you!

I know, I know – May is a weird time to get into TV shows. Network seasons are ending, Upfronts are in full swing, and filler shows are about to hit the air for summer. But most of my current favorites are on cable now. I love that streaming services are keeping up with the times and giving viewers more access! I still don’t have cable, and rely on subscriptions (mostly Hulu and HBONow, but I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime) to keep up. My favorites right now are ALL comedies (what a difference from last time around!) so I spend a lot of time laughing!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


The only current show I have consistently loved for years and years – even after three seasons, every episode leaves me laughing out loud and looking forward to the next week. I also think part of the reason I love it so much (along with a stellar cast and, hello, Brooklyn) is that I relate to all three of the main female characters. I’m type A like Amy, I’m anti-social like Rosa and I do whatever I want like Gina. Anytime one of them is onscreen I’m hooked – and if all three have a storyline together, forget about it. I’m all in. (Airs on Fox, is available on Hulu the next day)

The Mindy Project


I’ll admit this one has been more of a struggle for me this season. The first half was mostly excellent with the exception of Danny acting like a child, but the absurdly long break was obnoxious and I feel like it’s lost its groove upon return. I’m not ready to give up yet – I’ve invested wayyy too much emotion into this show – but I can’t even look at the screen when Jody’s around, so there’s that. (Airs on Hulu Plus)

Broad City


I thought this show was relatable when it was a YouTube series, and then I moved to New York around the time the show launched on Comedy Central, and I realized it’s more or less my life. Every episode leaves me howling with laughter and then immediately cringing over something Abbi or Ilana has done – but only because I’ve undoubtedly done it myself. I frequently forget about this show and then remember it about once a month and binge all of the episodes I missed, and frankly, I think that’s the best way to watch. (Airs on Comedy Central, is available on Hulu 21 days later)



I got hooked on Veep and binged the first four seasons about six months ago, then eagerly awaited season five, which is airing now. This show nails my sense of humor better than any other – it is drier than dry. Every character just says whatever comes to mind, and sometimes those things are VULGAR (it’s HBO, after all!) I’m obsessed with the characters, the subtlety of the storylines and hating Jonah. (Airs on HBO; is available to stream at the same time on HBONow)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


It’s hard to believe that this show was barely a blip on the pop-culture radar when I last posted about TV! It is now a PHENOMENON and I am hooked along with everyone else, complete with viewing parties, constant references to Peeno Noir, and a best friend who looks like Kimmy. Commitment. Anyway, this is the perfect binge show and is filled with incredible ’90s references to boot. (Is available on Netflix)

So, what are you watching lately? Anything I might enjoy?

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