5 delightful TV shows I’m watching

Can you guys believe it’s been nearly two years since I’ve talked about television on here?! For something that, for better or worse, is a huge part of my life, that seems so absurd. You may know from my monthly currently posts that this season was a weird one for me, with more binging old shows than keeping up with new ones. But now I have some new favorites, and it seemed like a good time to share those with you!

I know, I know – May is a weird time to get into TV shows. Network seasons are ending, Upfronts are in full swing, and filler shows are about to hit the air for summer. But most of my current favorites are on cable now. I love that streaming services are keeping up with the times and giving viewers more access! I still don’t have cable, and rely on subscriptions (mostly Hulu and HBONow, but I also have Netflix and Amazon Prime) to keep up. My favorites right now are ALL comedies (what a difference from last time around!) so I spend a lot of time laughing!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


The only current show I have consistently loved for years and years – even after three seasons, every episode leaves me laughing out loud and looking forward to the next week. I also think part of the reason I love it so much (along with a stellar cast and, hello, Brooklyn) is that I relate to all three of the main female characters. I’m type A like Amy, I’m anti-social like Rosa and I do whatever I want like Gina. Anytime one of them is onscreen I’m hooked – and if all three have a storyline together, forget about it. I’m all in. (Airs on Fox, is available on Hulu the next day)

The Mindy Project


I’ll admit this one has been more of a struggle for me this season. The first half was mostly excellent with the exception of Danny acting like a child, but the absurdly long break was obnoxious and I feel like it’s lost its groove upon return. I’m not ready to give up yet – I’ve invested wayyy too much emotion into this show – but I can’t even look at the screen when Jody’s around, so there’s that. (Airs on Hulu Plus)

Broad City


I thought this show was relatable when it was a YouTube series, and then I moved to New York around the time the show launched on Comedy Central, and I realized it’s more or less my life. Every episode leaves me howling with laughter and then immediately cringing over something Abbi or Ilana has done – but only because I’ve undoubtedly done it myself. I frequently forget about this show and then remember it about once a month and binge all of the episodes I missed, and frankly, I think that’s the best way to watch. (Airs on Comedy Central, is available on Hulu 21 days later)



I got hooked on Veep and binged the first four seasons about six months ago, then eagerly awaited season five, which is airing now. This show nails my sense of humor better than any other – it is drier than dry. Every character just says whatever comes to mind, and sometimes those things are VULGAR (it’s HBO, after all!) I’m obsessed with the characters, the subtlety of the storylines and hating Jonah. (Airs on HBO; is available to stream at the same time on HBONow)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


It’s hard to believe that this show was barely a blip on the pop-culture radar when I last posted about TV! It is now a PHENOMENON and I am hooked along with everyone else, complete with viewing parties, constant references to Peeno Noir, and a best friend who looks like Kimmy. Commitment. Anyway, this is the perfect binge show and is filled with incredible ’90s references to boot. (Is available on Netflix)

So, what are you watching lately? Anything I might enjoy?


Currently: November 2015

Fall in NYC...

Fall in NYC…

...Spring in Southern Africa!!

…Spring in Southern Africa!!

Reading: The Royal We, thanks to my friend Molly who let me register my Kindle to her account so I could read her books on my trip – and is now letting me keep it that way for a while so I can finish them all!

Wearing: Dark skinny jeans, black boots, black sweater, Giving Key necklace. Feeling very fall-ish and very New York.

Buying: Mostly new sweaters and other cold-weather necessities, but I need to get started on Christmas shopping!

Listening to: Hot Country on Spotify – right at this moment, Hell of a Night by Dustin Lynch

Eating: All I’ve had today so far is eggs and a handful of raisins for breakfast, and a bag of Goldfish crackers for snack. But there are potstickers in the fridge for lunch, and I’m thinking sushi for dinner before church!

Watching: Still sticking with The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and re-watching Sex and the City on Amazon. I’ve added Veep to shows I’m binge-watching  (for the first time!): My roommate cracked and gave me her HBO password!

Texting: My sister, constantly.

Planning: Just trying to keep my schedule manageable as the holidays creep closer and closer! But mentally I’m starting to plan vacations for next year: San Francisco, Phoenix, etc. …

Excited for: The holidays! I’m taking Thanksgiving off so I can go to the parade (bucket list, anyone?) and I just really really love Christmastime in New York City. The store windows are already set up, the villages are in progress, and oh – it’s still in the 70s most days. Best fall ever.

Cherishing: This weather, obviously. I’m still taking my lunches outside and not hating myself in the early mornings. I haven’t even worn a hat at all yet!

Wishing: I could be in two places at once. Africa is still constantly on my heart & mind!

Fall TV 2014

Hello friends! I’m skipping today’s BlogtemberChallenge prompt for a couple reasons: I’m awful at PhotoShop, and I’ve been wanting to talk about fall TV on here – and it starts this week! I’ll be back on the challenge tomorrow, so don’t you worry.

So here’s a weird thing: I haven’t had cable in over three years, but I adore TV. I watch dramas, comedies, reality shows – you name it. All of this viewing is done via HuluPlus – for less than $10 a month. It’s totally worth it if you ask me, even if I do have to wait a day (more like just a few hours if I watch in the morning!) to see my shows.

I wanted to give you all a glimpse of what I’m planning to watch this season, and find out what your favorites are!

Story of my life

Story of my life

The Mindy Project (premieres TOMORROW! September 16): I’ll admit, I didn’t like this when it first premiered. I thought Mindy (both the actress and the character) was flakey and shallow. But last year my friend Nicole insisted I give it another chance – she even gave me her season 1 DVDs to borrow the day she got them in the mail. I’m SO GLAD I re-watched, and caught up on season 2, because this is probably my favorite show now. Yep, I said it. I can’t wait to see how things unfold between Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano – my new favorite couple on television.

Grey’s Anatomy (premieres September 25) I don’t actually like Grey’s Anatomy. It was strong for a couple seasons, but really, no show needs to last eleven years. But I just can’t stop watching. It’s like a trainwreck. I need to know who dies of what random ailment, I need to know whether Derek and Meredith can go the distance, I need to know what the heck they plan to do without Sandra Oh in the cast. I will watch this show until it goes off the air, which I hope is soon.

There’s nothing I love more than a blunt redhead.

Scandal (premieres September 25) I’m starting to come off of this show a bit, too, even though a year ago I listed it among my favorites. If Olivia can stop chasing Fitz like a lovesick child, I can get back on board. I am really looking forward to this season, though, because I’ve heard they’re finally going to focus on my favorite character, Abby. You know how she’s always standing in the background making sarcastic comments while the gladiators work on a crisis? Yeah. That’s me.

How to Get Away With Murder (premieres September 25) I really, really didn’t want to pick up any new shows this season, but how can I resist another Shonda Rhimes drama?! Although if the above two are any indication, this will be good for about three seasons and then get ridiculous. Oh well. I’m on board anyway.

Parenthood (premieres September 25) Wow, Thursdays are going to be intense this year. I adore Parenthood, and sometimes I feel like the only one. The Bravermans remind me of my own family, especially now that we “kids” are all grown up and have our own lives. This is the last season for Parenthood, which makes me want to cry – but when does this show not make me want to cry?!

Saturday Night Live (premieres September 27) Yes, I still watch SNL every weekend. No, it’s not nearly as good as it was in the early 2000’s when I used to sneak out of bed to watch it live (sorry Mom). And yeah, I’m upset they’re replacing Cecily Strong at the Weekend Update desk. But I’m obsessed with comedy and I can’t. stop. watching. Also, my roommate and I entered the lottery for tickets this season, so keep your fingers crossed for us! (Also, one of the reasons I love Liberty Church so much: Yesterday we we watched a digital short during the sermon. And it was totally relevant.)

How can you not love a show that lets you stare at this face for 30 minutes a week?

How can you not love a show that lets you stare at this face for 30 minutes a week?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (premieres September 28) I binge-watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine in its entirety the day after it won two Golden Globes, back in January. I thought to myself, huh, this show must be good, I’ll watch the pilot tomorrow and judge for myself. Next thing I know, I’ve watched the entire series – nine or twelve episodes at the time. This show is probably the smartest comedy on television right now, and one of the only ones that consistently makes me laugh out loud. Plus Andy Samberg is adorable.

Now, those of you who know me well will notice that a couple of “my” shows are missing from this list. I’ve officially given up on Nashville after realizing that I only watched it for the music, which is made available on Spotify anyway. And I’m going to watch the first episode or two of New Girl, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be ditching that as well. Last season was awful – they did not handle the Nick and Jess relationship well at all – and I fear they won’t be able to restore the glory of season 2.

In the spring, I’ll be adding back Broad City and Parks and Recreation.

What are you planning to watch this season?

P.S. Remember when I blogged about my friend Courtney’s visit? She just posted a recap of her own, focusing on our foodie adventures. Check it out!