Catching up via Instagram: 7/17/2016

In between getting settled at a new job and taking a slew of day trips (to Philadelphia of course, and to the beach pretty much every weekend), I’ve also been having a lot of fun hanging around New York City! There are always a million options for things to do in the summer, and I’m trying to take advantage of as many of them as possible. Here’s a little glimpse at the start of the season…

Fourth of July at Rockaway Beach

For the Fourth of July, I booked it out to Rockaway Beach for the day with a big group of friends and an even bigger American flag to stage photos with. It was the very first holiday since I left the 24-hour news industry, and I loved being able to celebrate without half a mind on work.

Cookie from Momofuku Milk Bar, New York City

My friend Sara came to visit from Chicago, and somehow our casual lunch turned into a food tour of the East Village. This cookie is from Milk Bar, and we also ate at S’mac. Other NYC suggestions here! 

Freedom Tower at nightSunset from the Upper East Side, ManhattanMidtown ManhattanFreedom TowerWashington Square Park archRainy sunset in Crown Heights, BrooklynGrace Church, New York CityUnion Square, New York CitySunset over lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge

Sorry not sorry that I’ve been here over two years and I still stop to photograph pretty buildings and sunsets.

Cocktails at Please Don't Tell, New York City

When my friend Chelsea wanted to spontaneously drop into the speakeasy Please Don’t Tell, I balked – it has a reputation for being impossible to get into. But to my surprise, we didn’t wait long on a Friday evening and enjoyed some delicious cocktails!

New York Philharmonic at Central ParkSummer sunset at Central Park

One of my favorite summer adventures so far was going to see the New York Philharmonic play in Central Park. They do a summer park series every year and it was great to picnic with friends, watch the sunset, hear the music and even see fireworks after.



Catching up via Instagram: 5/15/2016

This past month has been a roller-coaster. I’ve realized that my moods largely depend on the weather (duh, I know), and we had spring weather with blossoms, followed by eight straight days of rain (and yes, I was counting), followed by the sun’s triumphant return and greens replacing the pinks. Personally, I celebrated my birthday (how was that less than a month ago?!), fell into a depressive funk, and then got happier but stayed super lazy as it started to warm up outside (again…). Here’s a little glimpse of the drama.

New York City Freedom Tower from TribecaTulips in Washington Square, New York City

I spent a morning frolicking around Tribeca with friends (how good is the view?!) and an afternoon frolicking around Washington Square (my fave) during the early days of spring.

Bareburger, Greenwich Village, New York City

My friend Dani came to visit from San Diego, and we decided to celebrate with the first al fresco meal of the season: healthy burgers at Bareburger! Unfortunately, it got chilly as soon as the sun went down. We may have been overly optimistic…

Cherry blossoms in Washington Square, New York CityBirthday strawberry shortcakeBirthday girl

It was miraculously 70 degrees on my birthday and I wore a dress for the first time this season! My roommate made me that beautiful strawberry shortcake (because I don’t like frosting – so thoughtful!) and Emmie came over after work (and dinner!) to sit with me while I opened presents from my family. It was a most excellent day!

Sun shining through the trees in Union Square, New York CityNational Pretzel Day

National Pretzel Day was a highlight, of course. I don’t need an excuse to indulge – I frequently stop at street carts for pretzels, and the new Wetzel’s in the Fulton Center is a hazard to my health – but I spoiled myself by picking up some spicy mustard for the occasion.

Cherry Blossoms in Greenwich Village, New York CityEmpire State Building, New York CityColorful tulips at Brooklyn Heights PromenadeNew York City skyline from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

I’m glad I took advantage of the weather and got so many photos before it got dreary out!

Rainy day in Union Square, New York CityRainy Day on Avenue of the Americas, New York City

It’s very, very hard to capture good imagery in the rain. The only highlight (metaphorical, unfortunately) in that week was an afternoon with my friend Molly. For our birthdays every year (they’re six months apart!) we splurge on Thai food (Republic, above, is a favorite) and then browse our favorite bookstores.

Chika Mexicana, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York City

When the sun finally did emerge, I already had plans to be super lazy with takeout and Netflix (and Emmie, lest you think I’m super anti-social). Still, it was nice to see the rays streaming into Chika while I waited for my burrito bowl.

Sun shining through the trees at Union Square, New York CitySun shining, open lawn at Bryant Park

Naturally I spent the last week outside as much as humanly possible! I popped by Bryant Park on a day off and it happened to be the first day the lawn was open for the season – the joy was palpable!

Havilah Cunnington speaking at Liberty Sisterhood

On Friday night, my church had a Sisterhood event – always a highlight for me! Havilah Cunnington was able to join us and preach an amazing message, and I was super lucky to have a front-row seat. So excited to hear her speak again at She Is Free in the fall!

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Catching up via Instagram: 4/17/16

Subtitle: Let us rejoice, for it is finally SPRING!

Spring in New York CitySpring in Brooklyn, New YorkNew York City on a sunny daySpring in New York CityDowntown ManhattanBrooklyn BridgeCity of Dreams mural, New York CitySpring in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New YorkWashington Square Park, New York, on a rainy dayProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetGrand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

Not much necessary in the way of captions for these. I’ve been in New York City for the past three weeks, having made the conscious decision to stay put in April and cherish my favorite month. We’ve had very classically spring weather: Sometimes it’s 70 and sunny, sometimes it’s 40 and rainy. I’m just very, very glad we haven’t had any April snow this year. The city is alive and gorgeous and I am loving every minute!

At the Transit Museum, Brooklyn, New YorkCheering on Syracuse at Houston Hall, New York City

Staying in town on the weekends this month has meant some New York weekend adventures I’ve been putting off: Emmie and I visited the Transit Museum (something we’ve been wanting to do for months) and then watched her alma mater, Syracuse, play in the Final Four!

Sleep No More

This week I joined my friend Amanda at Sleep No More. It’s a totally immersive, interactive theatre experience where the audience dons masks and moves through the (enormous) set at their own pace as the action takes place around them. I had the BEST time and am already itching to go back to see more of the set and piece together more of the story!

Avocado toast

I got fancy with my breakfasts last week when I had mornings off. Nothing special here, but I was proud regardless!

Reading My Paris Dream by Kate Betts

The best part about the above photo? The book’s author, Katherine Betts, re-posted it to her own Instagram and Twitter accounts! You’ll read about it in my April roundup, but I highly recommend My Paris Dream.

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Catching up via Instagram: 3/20/16

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, life has been a little crazy lately with travels – yet I still have so many nuggets of New York life to share with you all! We were blessed with a mild winter and an early spring – my favorite season! – so every second I spend in the city is filled with adventure. Here’s a peek!

New York City skyline

The day I left for San Francisco was, naturally, the first truly warm day in a while – as in, light jackets were all that the weather required. The streets were filled with happy New Yorkers frolicking in the sunshine. Although I was cooped up in the office and then headed straight to the airport, I was so glad to soak up the sun rays through our floor-to-ceiling windows.

New York City muralGreenwich Village, New York CityNew York City skyline from Union Square

Luckily, the good weather repeated itself the next weekend, and I continued snapping pictures of the blue skies every chance I got.

Burger and fries at Dutch Boy, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Upon return from our trip to the Bahamas, my friends and I weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to each other or the long weekend – even though we’d just spent three full days in each others’ company. So when we got back to Brooklyn, our first stop was our local burger joint, Dutch Boy – I just can’t wait until it’s warm enough to drink at their attached outdoor bar, Franklin Park!

Springtime flowers in BrooklynNew York City skyline from Battery Park CityIce cream at Ice & Vice, Lower East Side, ManhattanSunset over Freedom Tower

As the warm weather continued, I celebrated in every way I could think of: I grabbed a bouquet of flowers for my windowsill. I spent my free days sitting by the water with a book and enjoyed the views. I grabbed ice cream with my friends (bonus: the ice cream had donut chunks in it, and the cone was funfetti. Ice & Vice is a MUST!) I saw the sun set on the way to dinner.

Postcard from Breadfruit Rum Bar, Phoenix, Arizona

I’m a huge fan of snail mail and especially postcards, so I was thrilled when my best friend Jordan sent this postcard from my favorite rum bar in Phoenix.

We are Crown Heights sidewalk art

Possibly the most exciting thing to happen lately: We renewed our lease! I’m so excited for a third year in Crown Heights. Also, as of November 2016, this will be the longest I’ve ever lived in one apartment, including my apartments in Phoenix. Who would have thought I’d be at my most stable in such a transient city?!

Chrysler Building on a cloudy daySunrise in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Of course all good things must come to an end, and last week was rather cloudy and rainy – still, just another sign of spring. As much as I prefer sunny days, I can’t deny the beauty of New York in the gloom – especially at sunrise!

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Catching up via Instagram: 2/21/16

Believe it or not, between my little getaways to DC and Dallas and San Francisco (right now!), I’ve actually spent quite a bit of time hanging out in NYC this winter! The weather has been weird – record-breaking (and pipe-breaking) cold followed by 50-degree days the same week. It’s made getting dressed every day an adventure, to say the least. Alas! I’ve been having tons of fun this winter (weird, I know), and here’s a little peek!

Donuts from Holey Cream NYC

My roommate’s cousins recently stayed with us and treated us to donuts from Holey Cream in Hell’s Kitchen – delicious! This spot is actually known for donut ice cream sandwiches, which I’m dying to try out in the summer time!

Books and magazines

I’ve slowed down on my reading a bit, but there’s still so much I’m excited to dive into, and I just loaded up my Kindle with books I’m itching to read (including my own copy of All the Light We Cannot See – the physical copy from the library was just to cumbersome to carry around and I didn’t finish it before the due date!)

Cheesecake from Mayfield, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

In a desperate attempt to catch up in between our travels, my best friend and I grabbed dessert one night at our favorite neighborhood spot . To be honest, the cheesecake wasn’t the best, but Emmie loooooved her brownie ice cream sandwich!

Galentine's Day in Queens, NYC

Speaking of Emmie, by some miracle we were both free the night of our friend group’s annual Galentine’s Day celebration! We braved the cold, split a couple cabs and spent a night eating, playing games and taking pictures with our girlfriends.

The Painted Pot, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

On Presidents Day, a few of us were going to visit the Transit Museum, but were disappointed to find out it’s closed on Mondays. Instead, we headed to the Painted Pot in Carroll Gardens to channel our inner children! I’m anxious to see how that bowl looks once it’s been finished at the studio…

Snow in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

After painting, we walked to dinner – even though we could have taken the train one stop, we wanted to admire and take photos of the snow! (OK, OK. They wanted to. But I did get a good picture, so whatever.)

Beer in a stein from Strand Books, NYC

This week was National Wine Day, but I’m more of a beer girl myself. My friend Kelli got me this stein for Christmas from the Strand, a famous bookstore here in New York. I love how it combines my love of beer and books!

Golden Hour in Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Finally, we’ve been enjoying some spring-like weather, and I couldn’t help but admire the morning light on my walk to the train this week. Really I’m just excited that it’s light out when I’m commuting now!

What have you been up to lately? I’m in San Francisco until Thursday, then I’ll be back in NYC for some more adventures at home!