Currently: March 2016

I seem to have fallen into the habit of writing these posts before sneaking off on weekend getaways! It’s currently Thursday, and at the crack of dawn tomorrow I’m flying to the Bahamas with ten of my closest friends for three days of sunshine and tequila. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat – I’m @LeighAnneZin on both!

Reading: I’m currently in the middle of All The Light We Cannot See (Kindle) and Paddle Your Own Canoe (audiobook). Hopefully I can finish both of those this weekend and then start on the stack I have waiting for me!

Wearing: Skinny jeans, short sleeves, cardigan, combat boots, glasses. It’s been a lot of late night this weeks between the Oscars, church functions and working on freelance things, so I’m giving my eyes a bit of a rest.

Buying: I just got the iPhone 6S! I pretty spontaneously decided to switch to T-Mobile this week because they include international texting and data in some of their cheaper plans – so I’ll be accessible this weekend (and on future excursions!) even if the WiFi is less than reliable.

Listening to: A gem of a playlist I just discovered on Spotify called Island Beach Country. It’s totally getting me in the mood for tomorrow!

Eating: Rice and veggies for lunch (as I did this time last month, apparently!) Dinner tonight will be take-out before going to bed as early as possible – gotta be prepared for that 2:30 a.m. wakeup call to head to the airport!

Watching: Nothing! I gave up streaming things for March, although I won’t isolate myself on vacations if people have the TV on. I did watch all 13 episodes of Fuller House the day they premiered on Netflix last week. My verdict: The worst show I’ve ever enjoyed.

Planning: To do NOTHING this weekend except read, drink and soak in the sun. My friends are planning excursions but I will be perfectly content if nothing comes to fruition.

Excited for: This weekend of course, a week in Phoenix at the end of the month, and best of all – two full weeks in New York City in between!

Hoping: That the snow forecast for tonight (Thursday) holds off long enough for us to get off the ground in the morning. If you ever need to know when a snowstorm is coming, just check my flight schedule – seriously, I’m cursed!

Books read: 7/52

Trips taken: 4/12

This month’s challenge: No television, as mentioned above, with exceptions made (is that allowed? Do I care? I make my own rules!)

And how is YOUR March going?

Currently: February 2016

Remember that time I had two posts planned last week but then Thursday brought a headache, no sleep and a phone that stopped functioning? Yeah. My bad. Also! When you read this, it will be Sunday, and I’ll be smack in the middle of my second trip of 2016 – because I’m in DALLAS, surprising my mama for her birthday. But in the meantime, it’s Thursday, and here’s what I’m currently doing…

Reading: More Tales of the City, the second in the Tales of the City series, which I started in January and unexpectedly loved. I also have All the Light We Cannot See out from the library to tackle next.

Wearing: Black jeans, striped short-sleeved t-shirt, brown ankle boots, Giving Key bracelet from my roommate (the word is ‘inspire’). The winter we were experiencing last month seems to be over, and it’s 55 here in Manhattan today.

Buying: Mostly groceries, at this point! I’m trying very very hard not to spend any extraneous money since so much is going into travel this year. I did just order a new frying pan from Amazon because I know how to party.

Listening to: My carefully curated Spotify playlist of country songs that remind me of Texas, trying to get in the right frame of mind for my flight tomorrow!

Eating: I had rice & veggies for lunch and am planning a dessert-focused outing with my best friend for tonight! It’s all about balance, right?

Watching: Not much. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only show i keep up with, since Mindy Project doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. I finished Veep during my snow day and haven’t started anything addicting since (although I did watch an episode of Grace & Frankie and enjoyed that).

Planning: How to surprise Mom tomorrow! Dad and I have some ideas up our sleeves but we’ll probably just end up playing it by ear.

Excited for: This weekend in Dallas, immediately followed by three days in NYC with two dear friends from Phoenix! Nicole and Parisa are coming to town (it’s Nicole’s second annual visit) and we’re ready for some serious girl time.

Hoping: That I can cherish and enjoy these three days with Mom and Dad, and all the other adventures I have planned this winter! (Side note: Last month I put here that I hoped spring weather would come, and it has! Yay!)

Books read: 5/52

Trips taken: 2/12

This month’s challenge: A new French lesson on DuoLingo every day. If I make it, I’ll only have four left at the end of the month!

And how is YOUR February going?

Currently: January 2016

Disclaimer: I’m writing this on Thursday, because on Friday I’m hopping on a bus to DC – my first trip of the year! I hope you enjoy this little look into my life lately.

Reading: The Girl on the Train – and as everyone has already told me, it’s terrible but addicting. I’ll probably be finished with this by the time you’re reading, in which case, next up is Modern Love.

Wearing: Jeans, short sleeves (so I don’t overheat in my parka on the train), a blazer, ankle boots. Getting dressed in the winter is hard.

Buying: Plane tickets on plane tickets on plane tickets. I just added the Bahamas to my winter travel lineup: Three days at a place called Paradise Island with a dozen great friends? Yes please.

Listening to: Currently re-watching Parks & Rec (always) but this afternoon I finally started season 2 of Serial (back on the podcast bandwagon!) Also, I really want to start listening to audiobooks – any recommendations?!

Eating: I replaced my afternoon muffin with some cantaloupe… because I’m meeting my best friend for dinner tonight and we’re planning to order every kind of french fry. Balance.

Watching: Same as last month! I’m almost done with Veep, waiting for Mindy Project to come back so I can root for Mindy leaving Danny, but generally watching a lot less television than I used to.

Planning: All those vacations… sort of. I’m actually just planning to wing all of them.

Excited for: I’m excited for my trip to DC, of course, but I’m equally excited for next weekend: Three glorious days off and no commitments (beyond a coffee meeting, two church services, cleaning the apartment…)

Wishing: That it could be spring already… even though, yes, it’s been cold for exactly three days. OVER IT.

In 2016 I’m also adding some goals updates to these posts!

Books read: 1/52

Trips taken: 1/12

This month’s challenge: No alcohol! This is going really well and I’m also enjoying saving some money.

How is 2016 treating you so far?

Currently: December 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

… but miraculously, it still feels like fall!

Reading: I just finished Burial Ritesbook 35 for the year! It’s historical fiction based on the true story of the last person ever to be executed in Iceland, in 1829. It is, as you might imagine, completely depressing – but the writing is beautiful and the imagery has me ready to pack my bags and head to Iceland (my roommate went this summer and made it seem so perfect!)

Wearing: To be perfectly honest, as I write this on Saturday night I’m wearing bright striped pajama bottoms and a pink sweatshirt. It’s been a perfectly lazy weekend.

Buying: Christmas presents and only Christmas presents. I’m on a strict spending freeze when it comes to buying things for myself, until at least the new year.

Listening to: Nothing at this moment, but Christmas music pretty much 20 hours a day.

Eating: I ate a lot of garbage today but did have a Trader Joe’s salad for dinner. My meals have been boring lately, so please suggest cheap and easy ideas!

Watching: Literally watching How I Met Your Mother on my phone as I type this on my MacBook. Also still working my way through Veep and have added The Man In The High Castle. I’ve also watched all of Master of None since last month’s update.

Planning: Eek, still all those trips I mentioned last month. I really need to book some airfare, hotels…

Excited for: NEXT SATURDAY. My two best girlfriends and I are planning the ultimate girls’ day: cookie party, Sisters viewing at the fanciest theatre in Manhattan, wine, binging the first season of The Hills, and then watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host Saturday Night Live. 

Wishing: Still the two places at once thing – but the second place would be Texas with my family for the holidays. Well, and Arizona. And Africa too? Maybe I need to be in four places at once…

Currently: November 2015

Fall in NYC...

Fall in NYC…

...Spring in Southern Africa!!

…Spring in Southern Africa!!

Reading: The Royal We, thanks to my friend Molly who let me register my Kindle to her account so I could read her books on my trip – and is now letting me keep it that way for a while so I can finish them all!

Wearing: Dark skinny jeans, black boots, black sweater, Giving Key necklace. Feeling very fall-ish and very New York.

Buying: Mostly new sweaters and other cold-weather necessities, but I need to get started on Christmas shopping!

Listening to: Hot Country on Spotify – right at this moment, Hell of a Night by Dustin Lynch

Eating: All I’ve had today so far is eggs and a handful of raisins for breakfast, and a bag of Goldfish crackers for snack. But there are potstickers in the fridge for lunch, and I’m thinking sushi for dinner before church!

Watching: Still sticking with The Mindy Project and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and re-watching Sex and the City on Amazon. I’ve added Veep to shows I’m binge-watching  (for the first time!): My roommate cracked and gave me her HBO password!

Texting: My sister, constantly.

Planning: Just trying to keep my schedule manageable as the holidays creep closer and closer! But mentally I’m starting to plan vacations for next year: San Francisco, Phoenix, etc. …

Excited for: The holidays! I’m taking Thanksgiving off so I can go to the parade (bucket list, anyone?) and I just really really love Christmastime in New York City. The store windows are already set up, the villages are in progress, and oh – it’s still in the 70s most days. Best fall ever.

Cherishing: This weather, obviously. I’m still taking my lunches outside and not hating myself in the early mornings. I haven’t even worn a hat at all yet!

Wishing: I could be in two places at once. Africa is still constantly on my heart & mind!