Currently: January 2016

Disclaimer: I’m writing this on Thursday, because on Friday I’m hopping on a bus to DC – my first trip of the year! I hope you enjoy this little look into my life lately.

Reading: The Girl on the Train – and as everyone has already told me, it’s terrible but addicting. I’ll probably be finished with this by the time you’re reading, in which case, next up is Modern Love.

Wearing: Jeans, short sleeves (so I don’t overheat in my parka on the train), a blazer, ankle boots. Getting dressed in the winter is hard.

Buying: Plane tickets on plane tickets on plane tickets. I just added the Bahamas to my winter travel lineup: Three days at a place called Paradise Island with a dozen great friends? Yes please.

Listening to: Currently re-watching Parks & Rec (always) but this afternoon I finally started season 2 of Serial (back on the podcast bandwagon!) Also, I really want to start listening to audiobooks – any recommendations?!

Eating: I replaced my afternoon muffin with some cantaloupe… because I’m meeting my best friend for dinner tonight and we’re planning to order every kind of french fry. Balance.

Watching: Same as last month! I’m almost done with Veep, waiting for Mindy Project to come back so I can root for Mindy leaving Danny, but generally watching a lot less television than I used to.

Planning: All those vacations… sort of. I’m actually just planning to wing all of them.

Excited for: I’m excited for my trip to DC, of course, but I’m equally excited for next weekend: Three glorious days off and no commitments (beyond a coffee meeting, two church services, cleaning the apartment…)

Wishing: That it could be spring already… even though, yes, it’s been cold for exactly three days. OVER IT.

In 2016 I’m also adding some goals updates to these posts!

Books read: 1/52

Trips taken: 1/12

This month’s challenge: No alcohol! This is going really well and I’m also enjoying saving some money.

How is 2016 treating you so far?


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