Washington D.C. in video

You probably know by now that one of my goals for 2016 is to take 12 trips. Twelve! It sounds like so many, especially considering that I have a full-time job and a relatively tiny income for New York City. But I am determined to make it happen, and especially to show that it is possible to travel even if you have time and financial restrictions.

Last weekend, I got a jump start on my 12 trips by taking the Megabus down to Washington D.C. I am fortunate to have long weekends built into my work schedule – two every month! – and I try to take advantage of these by taking vacations without using any paid time off. I was able to leave New York early Friday morning and get back Monday afternoon, just in time to be in the office by 5 p.m. Altogether, the travel portion (transportation and accommodation) cost me $26 – because I am also fortunate that my good friend Courtney lives in the District! Traveling to visit friends and crashing on their couches is my favorite way to save money (and I also love hosting my friends in Brooklyn!)

It was my first-ever trip to D.C. and we struck the perfect balance of sightseeing (my only request was a visit to the Newseum, which happened), and catching up. Here’s a little glimpse into the excitement!

Washington D.C. from Leigh Anne Zinsmeister on Vimeo.

Thanks for a great weekend, Courtney! Stay tuned for photos, stories, and a delightful guide to Washington D.C.


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