Currently: March 2016

I seem to have fallen into the habit of writing these posts before sneaking off on weekend getaways! It’s currently Thursday, and at the crack of dawn tomorrow I’m flying to the Bahamas with ten of my closest friends for three days of sunshine and tequila. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat – I’m @LeighAnneZin on both!

Reading: I’m currently in the middle of All The Light We Cannot See (Kindle) and Paddle Your Own Canoe (audiobook). Hopefully I can finish both of those this weekend and then start on the stack I have waiting for me!

Wearing: Skinny jeans, short sleeves, cardigan, combat boots, glasses. It’s been a lot of late night this weeks between the Oscars, church functions and working on freelance things, so I’m giving my eyes a bit of a rest.

Buying: I just got the iPhone 6S! I pretty spontaneously decided to switch to T-Mobile this week because they include international texting and data in some of their cheaper plans – so I’ll be accessible this weekend (and on future excursions!) even if the WiFi is less than reliable.

Listening to: A gem of a playlist I just discovered on Spotify called Island Beach Country. It’s totally getting me in the mood for tomorrow!

Eating: Rice and veggies for lunch (as I did this time last month, apparently!) Dinner tonight will be take-out before going to bed as early as possible – gotta be prepared for that 2:30 a.m. wakeup call to head to the airport!

Watching: Nothing! I gave up streaming things for March, although I won’t isolate myself on vacations if people have the TV on. I did watch all 13 episodes of Fuller House the day they premiered on Netflix last week. My verdict: The worst show I’ve ever enjoyed.

Planning: To do NOTHING this weekend except read, drink and soak in the sun. My friends are planning excursions but I will be perfectly content if nothing comes to fruition.

Excited for: This weekend of course, a week in Phoenix at the end of the month, and best of all – two full weeks in New York City in between!

Hoping: That the snow forecast for tonight (Thursday) holds off long enough for us to get off the ground in the morning. If you ever need to know when a snowstorm is coming, just check my flight schedule – seriously, I’m cursed!

Books read: 7/52

Trips taken: 4/12

This month’s challenge: No television, as mentioned above, with exceptions made (is that allowed? Do I care? I make my own rules!)

And how is YOUR March going?


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