#take12trips: Complete!

Back in January, I set the audacious goal of taking 12 trips in 2016 (an idea I borrowed from Clare over at Need Another Holiday). It felt absurd for a number of reasons, including the fact that I have a full-time job with limited vacation time, and the memory of only leaving New York City four times in all of 2015. But I set the goal anyway. The guidelines I set for myself were pretty simple – if I left New York’s five boroughs, it counted – and that certainly made it easier to accomplish. As of the end of last month, I’ve taken 12 trips – and there are more to come! Here’s a look back…

The Washington Monument on a foggy day, Washington DC
1. Washington, D.C.

I started the year by jumping on a bus to visit my friend Courtney in her new home, and we had a great weekend hanging out, eating and sightseeing – despite the rainy weather and the fact that we both had horrible colds.

Sunset in Allen, Texas
2. Dallas

Trip number 2 came somewhat unexpectedly when I found dirt-cheap flights to Dallas on my mom’s birthday weekend. It was my first trip to see them in about a year and a half, so we had a great time shopping, visiting museums and just hanging out!

Marina Green, San Francisco
3. San Francisco

My best friend and I decided to meet up in her favorite city for once – bonus that I had never been and had always wanted to go. It definitely lived up to the hype!

Sunrise on the beach in Nassau, Bahamas

4. The Bahamas

Another spontaneous long weekend away because of a cheap flight, this one motivated by the miserable New York winter.

View of downtown Phoenix, Arizona
5. Phoenix

I re-ignited an age-old tradition this year by spending a week in Arizona for MLB spring training! Bonus that I have a ton of friends and family there, and my parents joined me as well.

Breakneck Ridge, New York
6. Breakneck Ridge

My friends somehow tricked me into climbing a mountain upstate, but I was well rewarded with ALL THE FOOD in Cold Spring after.

View from One Liberty Observatory Deck, Philadelphia
7. Philadelphia

I didn’t love Philadelphia, true, but I was thrilled to take advantage of a transitional period and squeeze in an adventure!

Long Beach, New York
8, 11. Long Beach

I have, as you know, become quite the professional beach bum this summer. It’s just too easy to take advantage of!

Mural in Jersey City
 9, 12. Jersey City

I haven’t written about Jersey City at all, because I’ve just been hanging out at my friend Ashley’s apartment, but hey – the walk through Little India is cultural and the street art is on point.

Jones Beach
10. Jones Beach

Not my favorite beach, if only because it’s so hard to get to, but hey – can’t beat a day trip.

I’m excited to see just how many trips I can cram into 12 months – I’m off to Texas again on Wednesday, and I’m thinking at least one more beach trip before summer ends. But as I’ve learned – some of the best vacations are spontaneous!


A long weekend in the Bahamas

About eight weeks ago, I got a Facebook message from my friend Auston: Airfare to the Bahamas was on sale, did anyone want to join him for a long weekend in March? The catch was that we had to book that evening, before fares skyrocketed again. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think anyone would commit, but last Friday 11 of us rocked up to JFK and flew to Nassau, where we spent three days bonding in a beachfront condo. AKA the perfect weekend with the perfect crew!

Beachfront condo in Nassau, BahamasSunrise on the beach in Nassau, Bahamas

Our condo literally could not have been closer to the beach, and was outfitted with two decks and a swimming pool (which I was definitely thrown into in the middle of the night after a few too many drinks). This was my first trip to the Caribbean, let alone the Bahamas, and I was blown away by how clear the water was! I also got the watch the sunrise every morning from my bed. NBD.

Best friends in Nassau, Bahamas

I was so excited my best friend Emmie came along as well. We’re pretty much attached at the hip but this was our first vacation together!

Downtown Nassau, BahamasSunset in Downtown Nassau, Bahamas

We did spend one day (the rainiest one, conveniently) exploring downtown Nassau. Or at least, exploring the Bahamian bars. The vibe is so different from New York City but I was obsessed with the shacks, the ocean views and even the kitschy tourist traps.

Nassau, Bahamas

The best part of the weekend in the Bahamas, besides the quality time with my favorites, was getting to break out swimsuits and dresses. The weather was my definition of perfect, and I got more fresh air in those three days than I had in months. I also was one of the only few to escape without a sunburn! Thanks for the adventure, Bahamas – I’ll be back!

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