A weekend in Dallas

I’m always surprised how, after six years of living in Dallas and another six of frequent (and, I’ll admit, infrequent) visits, I still come up with new things to do every time I’m in town. Last month’s trip in particular was one big adventure! Here’s a peek at what I got up to:


My parents bought a new house in March and this was my first chance to see it! I tried to get a picture here, but as you can see, Mom thwarted those plans. She doesn’t get to complain about my publishing this, either, since it was a photobomb. Nice try, Mom!

Food truck tacosAs most of you know by now, I love tacos, but I can’t find authentic ones in the Northeast! I ate two entire meals consisting solely of tacos while in Texas (mind you, this trip was only two and a half days long). The above were from a weekend food truck downtown.



Klyde Warren Park in Downtown Dallas opened in the last couple years, and this was my first chance to visit! It stretches over a busy highway, literally, and hosts tons of cool activities every day! The views of the city were spectacular.

Dallas Art Museum

Sprinkles cupcakes

After lunch, we cooled off in the Dallas Museum of Art and then picked up Sprinkles cupcakes on the way home!


Here’s some photographic evidence that my dad was around, too! He and I went out for breakfast-for-dinner and then wandered around a local mall – more for the company and conversation than the shopping, though he does love his tools!

All in all, it was a fantastic visit. I didn’t love Dallas when I lived there, but now I love exploring it and finding its hidden gems!

Thanks again for having me, Mom and Dad!


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