My week in Instagrams: 10/19/14

Hello friends! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I’m finally feeling 100% after a week battling the common cold. I hear I missed some stunning NYC weather while I was sleeping away for days on end, but I’m excited to be back in action! Here’s what my life looked like lately, through filters of course!

Astor Place

Sunday was my first day in our company’s fancy new office! To be honest, I’d been dreading the move a bit because of the new commute – two transfers as opposed to zero before. But as soon as I found my new desk and saw the view out the window – all of my complaints vanished. The space is amazing too, and it’s already done wonders for my attitude.

Central Park

By Wednesday I was feeling mostly healthy, so I headed to Central Park before community group to check up on the foliage. The leaves seem to be so slow to turn this year! But I did find some stunning colors near the pond and get this shot just before the skies opened up and I got rained on. Sigh.


Does anyone else use the Timehop app? It goes through your social media profiles and lets you know what you were up to on this date in years past. It’s so fun to go through every day – and when I saw this tweet I sent last fall, I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew that within six months I would sell that car and move to New York City! Dreams really do come true.


Finally: The week wrapped up last night with a churchwide kickball game! Emmie and I dressed up as m&ms and played for Team Manhattan. All of my middle-school PE dreams came true when I scored a run – no one could have seen that coming! I’m pleased to report that we won the game. Hooray!

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6 thoughts on “My week in Instagrams: 10/19/14

  1. Rachel G says:

    We had cars for a long time, you really need them when you live out in the country, but we are really loving the car-less lifestyle now!!


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