My week in Instagrams: 10/26/14

Looking at my Instagram profile over the past week, one might think I am the sort of person who enjoys the “great” outdoors. I assure you I am not that sort of person. I do, however, appreciate how beautiful nature is this time of year, particularly here in the Northeast – orange is my favorite color and for now it is all around!


Early in the week I spent some quality time with my friend Breanna, whose birthday was yesterday! Bre lives in Park Slope, a neighborhood I had yet to visit, and I might have been late to lunch because I kept stopping to take pictures of the trees.


Wednesday was one of those days where I had a small amount of time to kill before work, so I decided to  take the train a little further and backtrack through the park. Naturally I got caught in the rain, but somehow this city is still beautiful even when it’s wet.


On Friday I realized I hadn’t been to the High Line in a while, so I headed there to check out the foliage. Gorgeous, of course.

IMG_2854This week has wrapped up with a visit from my friend Jenny, who I recently visited in Toronto! Yesterday Jenny, Taylor and I headed to the East Village for bottomless brunch at Poco. It was one of those brunches where you completely lose track of what time it is because you’re just having too  much fun. It’s been such a treat to have a bit of a vacation without leaving the city!

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One thought on “My week in Instagrams: 10/26/14

  1. Beautiful photos, made me long, simultaneously, for NY and Autumn (to which I replied, in no uncertain terms, “Begone, nostalgia, and do not darken my door again, I have things I need to do today!”)….love the first photo, so evocative and the this one, all the colours, just delicious! Have you headed out to the Botanic Garden yet? Best time to go is Autumn, its such a delight!


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