My Week in Instagrams: 6/8/15

Hi friends!

You’ll notice I’m a day late with this post, oops! Yesterday was a loooong day and I was out of the house for 12 hours, soooo I missed posting here. I did, however, get a review up over at One Book A Week, which is run by my amazing friend Samy. I’m so excited to be a regular contributor over there!

As for my week, well. The first half was cold and rainy (I even had to dig out a coat from storage), and since I was still recovering from my weird head cold, I basically slept it away. The second half, though, was exciting – and that’s what I’ve got pictures of!


Thursday was the first day I managed to get into the city early enough to do something other than run straight to the office. Not a bad backdrop to settle in with a book!


You may have heard that Friday was National Donut Day. It was also the day before my roommate’s birthday, and I couldn’t justify going to get a donut when we were already up to our ears in sweets. I know, poor me.


In honor of said birthday girl, we trekked to Little Italy on Saturday night for wine, pasta and gelato. Almost as good as the real thing!

IMG_4366Finally, in between church services, community groups and meetings yesterday, my friend Katie and I somehow found a half hour to sneak over to the Elevated Acre, a park built on top of buildings in the Financial District. It’s got a killer view of Brooklyn (pictured) and Governors Island. We came up with some amazing plans for the summer, so stay tuned for NYC adventures!

As for the week ahead: I’m off work today, and heading to brunch with my cousin Kelly who happens to be in Brooklyn this week (last seen in Cleveland!) After that, it’s off to catch up with everyone I bailed on while I was sick. Have a good one!

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