My week in Instagrams: 5/31/15

This week was a weird one. It started off with some workdays while everyone else was off for the holiday, and as people came trudging back in, I was off on my staycation. My plans to act like a tourist lasted exactly two days (luckily I did almost everything I was planning on) before I got hit with a whopper of a head cold. The past two days have been spent in bed, which is both a blessing and a curse – I’m not missing any work, but man, I’m on vacation! Oh well.

Here’s a look at all that happened before I crashed.


After work on Sunday, I settled on the lawn in Union Square with my kindle. I was so engrossed in We’ll Always Have Paris that I was nearly late for church, whoops!


Before work on the holiday (Monday), the weather was so nice that I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge rather than take the train under it. It’s so refreshing to get to the office already feeling like you’ve accomplished something!


Some friends threw a picnic for Memorial Day at Prospect Park (practically my backyard!) so I headed there after work and met this guy, Zeus, who DOES NOT like having his picture taken.


Tuesday was my friend Katie’s birthday, and even though we threw her a surprise party the weekend before, we wanted to do something special on the actual day. A group of us headed to Butcher Bar in Astoria to indulge in Southern food. The brisket (smoked for 12 hours, as it should be) and Shiner took me straight back to Texas!


On my first day of staycation, I nabbed half-off tickets to Mamma Mia!, which is closing in September. It was fantastic.


On Thursday, Becca and I headed to an open house at One World Observatory. Luckily the tickets were free, because as you can see, it was a tiny bit foggy!


I also had a chance to check out the Whitney Museum of American Art at its new home in the Meatpacking District. It was a lot more fun than art museums usually are, since I actually understood the historical context of the pieces, and there is a beautiful outdoor space as well!

IMG_4302Finally, Thursday night, Becca and I headed to an exclusive shopping event at Anthropologie where I did not buy a hat, but did pick up the grapefruit thyme candle I’ve had my eye on for many months.

Today, I’m going to head to church (my first venture outside in days!) Hope you all had a great week!

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