Catching up via Instagram: 12/13/15

The theme of my life lately has been Christmas in New York City – one of my favorite themes, as this place is pretty magical this time of year. The weather has been warmer than usual – even breaking some records – which, depending on who you ask, is either a miracle or a travesty. I’m firmly on Team Miracle, and have spent the (all-too-short) warm days outside as much as possible. Here’s a little peek (with more Christmas-themed photos to come this week!)

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As I said, the days are all too short lately, but that does mean there are more sunrises in my life – sometimes from the office on busy mornings, sometimes from my bed on lazy ones.

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Downtown Manhattan can be way too crowded with buildings and shadows for good views – but then sometimes a landmark peeks out from the concrete jungle and reminds you just where you are.

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I’m already knee-deep in planning 2016, and actually bought this beautiful Joyce Meyer planner while I was in South Africa and had some rand to burn at the airport! It matches my journal and complements all of the other bright colors in my life, and I can’t wait to use it to organize my life next year. It’s also got daily scripture and other little reminders to keep God first.

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I went for a lunchtime stroll with my friend Angela in Washington Square Park and was attacked by a flock of birds. Don’t let that grin fool you: I was scared for my life.

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She Reads Truth always has the  best devotionals, and their advent study is no exception.


As usual, brunch is the name of my weekend game, and last weekend my friend Miranda hosted us, cooked all of our food, and served up mimosas. So much fun to visit with friends in a more casual environment, and to save a little money!

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Because there’s no better view that the Washington Square arch, a Christmas tree and the Empire State Building. If only this post-sunset photo wasn’t taken at 4:45 p.m.

You can keep up with my Christmasy pursuits in real time by following me on Instagram here!


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