Another visit to One World Observatory

Remember that time I went to the opening of One World Observatory, and it was foggy? Well, I finally made it back, this time with my parents in tow! They came to NYC for a quick visit and were more than happy to accompany me on this little adventure – even my mom, who is usually hesitant about heights, had her nose pressed up against the glass in awe of these views.

IMG_5651 IMG_5653IMG_5655

The little museum area you pass through is fascinating, featuring videos of crews who worked on the tower, which is built on a foundation of bedrock.


You can see the bridges leading to Brooklyn…

IMG_5664 IMG_5668

… and the skyscrapers of Midtown (there’s my office!, said my roomie when I sent her this pic)…


… and even as far as Queens and the Bronx.


The views stretch far up the Hudson on the west side…


… and the shadows looming over the Financial District below offer perspective of just HOW high up you are.


Even New Jersey looks good.


This is my city, and I adore it, even when I can see the haze looming.

If you want to go: Tickets are available here for $32. They do, of course, try to nickel and dime you with extras, but I’m proud to say we got through without spending an extra cent (except in the gift shop, thanks Dad!) You can get tickets at the door, but I recommend booking online in advance: Plan for a clear, sunny day! Be prepared to elbow your way through the crowds to the best views. And enjoy!

See also: One World Observatory on a foggy day; My favorite place for views in NYC: Top of the Rock (you can see the World Trade Center from there!)


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