My week in Instagrams: 5/24/15

This was one of those weeks that was SO fun and SO busy that I just didn’t document much of it at all.  There was brunch with an old friend and her mom, a workshop with Restore NYC, a roommate date with pretzels at Sigmund’s and ice cream at Van Leeuwen, a gallery for 100 cameras, dinners and shopping, birthday drinks for one friend and a surprise picnic for another. Plus it’s Fleet Week (hellooooo sailors!), and there were errands to run and – of course – 40 hours of work to do. I almost can’t even believe I squeezed it all into 7 days!

Here are the few pictures I did take!


Friday FryDay! After a long work week Emmie and I headed to New York Burger Co. for fries and a side of burgers, because that’s how we roll.

WTC sunset

We decided to walk from Chelsea to the West Village for Jenn’s party, and I’m SO glad we did! The sky was spectacular and the World Trade Center sparkles during golden hour.

astoria sunset

Last night’s festivities were in Astoria, a neighborhood I rarely venture to (it’s not far from me in Crown Heights but it takes an hour and a half on the trains). We picnicked in Astoria Park and then I insisted on a stroll to the waterfront to watch the sun set over the East River.

This upcoming week looks to be just as busy, with Memorial Day providing an excuse to spend alllllllllllll day every day outside basking in the glorious sunshine! I’m working the holiday but taking some time off at the end of the week for a little staycation. On the agenda so far: the opening ofOne World Observatory on Thursday and Awaken NYC on Friday. What else should I do to feel like a tourist in NYC?!


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