My week in Instagrams: 3/30/15

This post coming at you a day late because holy crap, last week was busy! I had plans every single day after work – super fun stuff, but as someone who thrives on alone time, it was exhausting. Never again.


My Monday night community group met in Tribeca last week instead of Brooklyn, which gave me an excuse to wander around Manhattan. I love this building on 6th Ave – it’s actually a library!


Since we’re still hovering on the line between winter and spring, I picked up these blooms at Trader Joe’s and they’re certainly brightening up my room on the gloomy days!


Wednesday was our church’s worship night (my favorite nights, along with Sisterhood… and all team… and every Sunday…) Emmie and I joke that we’re the same person, but the unintentional matching outfits were hilarious, even for us.


Thursday, as you know, was my one-year New York City anniversary! Since the city was rainy and gray, I posted this throwback to my very first night in the city.


OK, so full disclosure – I was actually supposed to have a quiet night in on Friday to recover from the insanity, but my girlfriends were going to Pies ‘n’ Thighs, and I cannot say no to chicken and waffles.

IMG_3719FINALLY: Yesterday was a long day at work, followed by Palm Sunday services at Liberty! Easter, of course, is the very best holiday. I hope to see you at church next week!

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