My Week in Instagrams: 3/22/15

This week was such a weird mix of cold & snowy days (BUT IT’S MARCH) and days too busy to even think about Instagram. So this looks like a collection of pretty bleak photos. Although the weather was that way, I assure you I had a much happier week than this post will imply!


The week kicked off with a day off on Monday, and I thought it would be fun to wander around Central Park and read for a few hours. Unfortunately, this week was not nearly as warm as last week, and so I spent Monday very very cold but still outside, because I insist on acting like it’s spring even if Mother Nature does not.


SPEAKING OF SPRING, the first day of my favorite season was on Friday, and this was the view from my office as snow fell for a solid 12 hours. No thank you.


More from the spring snowstorm – I have to admit the warm ground made for a much prettier snowfall than we’ve had all winter, but I maintain the the prettiest snow is no snow at all. Also please note the piles of trash everywhere, because Brooklyn.

IMG_3660Ah, something (literally) happier. On Friday night, I finally got to check out the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, and holy crap it is officially my favorite thing to do in the city. There is SO much to do there, but my favorites were the blacklight mini golf and the local vendors. Of course I couldn’t stop myself from buying this beautiful bracelet – hopefully it serves as a reminder the next time the weather doesn’t quite behave.

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