My Week in Instagrams: 3/15/15

As I said a few days ago, this week rocked. The weather has completely turned around, and with it, my attitude. I plan to post a bit about my recent trip to Ohio, but in the meantime, here’s what I got up to in NYC over the past few days.


The first warm day – Monday – necessitated my favorite activity: Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge! I’ve seriously done this a million (four) times now and it never gets old. By the time I reached Manhattan I had taken off my jacket and was strolling in short sleeves while everyone around me rocked their parkas. I don’t care how crazy I looked; I was so happy!


Tuesday was another warm day just perfectly designed for an outdoor adventure. My favorite spot in the city is Rockefeller Plaza, so I headed there with a book before work. (This was apparently a week of repeat adventures, but I’ve missed my favorite places over the freezing winter!)


Saturday was rainy and gray, but even that couldn’t bring me down: Just a reminder that it’s warm enough to not be snow! I curled up at my favorite coffeeshop, Manhattanville. I also enjoyed my first iced latte of the season on the house, because – no joke – I won an Instagram contest. And so all of the loves of my life converged. (Also: A.D. 30 is rocking my world so far!)

What have you all been up to? I’m so excited to catch up!

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