My week in non-Instagram photos: 1/11/15

It took me a few days this week to realize that even though I’m doing a social-media cleanse, I can still take pictures of what I’m doing! Today, I present you with an unfiltered look into my life offline.


I had Friday off from work (thank goodness – this week was more than a little stressful) and so slept in before venturing into the city for brunch with my roommate Becca and our friend Jess. I had been to Poco before – their unlimited mimosas make it my favorite spot to bring out-of-town friends – but this was the first time I’d had the French toast. It was incredible and I know I’ll be having it again!

IMG_3340 IMG_3341

In case you weren’t sure how cold it was in NYC: Cold enough for the fountain at Bryant Park to freeze. Seeing the fountain frozen is basically a rite of passage in the city, so I ventured up to snap some photos after brunch (before jumping right back on the train to Brooklyn).


Yesterday was such a fun night in the city – a bunch of girls from church rented a space and we watched Clueless and just enjoyed each other’s company. After the movie, a bunch of us headed to Schnipper’s for a late-night snack. Although the restaurant is known for burgers and sweet-potato fries, I couldn’t resist some mac & cheese!


And finally, for a bit of self-promotion. Liberty Church’s community groups opened sign-ups this morning! Sign-up day is always one of my favorites – sorting through the groups and weeding it down to one or two to join is such a challenge! This season is especially special to me for a couple reasons. This will be my third community group season at Liberty, meaning that when it’s over, I’ll have been a part of this incredible church for a full year! Time flies! I’m also excited because I am leading a community group for the very first time! My friend Bre and I will be teaching The Power of a Praying Woman on Tuesday nights in the Union Square neighborhood – so if you’re a Liberty lady or live in NYC, we’d love to have you join!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


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