My Week(s) in Instagrams: 1/3/15

Hello and happy New Year, friends! I just cannot believe it’s 2015 – despite my best efforts, 2014 has¬†come to an end and now there is a fresh new year to make our own. But more on that later. For now, my Instagram feed remains holiday-heavy! Here’s a peek at the last two weeks since I returned to NYC:


Immediately upon my return to Brooklyn, I popped by the grocery store and picked up this mini poinsettia. You can never have too many Christmas things, in my opinion! It’s still going strong, thanks to my lovely roommate who waters it because I am super forgetful.


I’m not the only one who loves Christmas! Becca and I planned a fancy Christmas breakfast and cocktails, I made snickerdoodles for dessert, and she hosted friends for dinner while I worked. We somehow fit all the ingredients into our tiny fridge – feeling like adult Tetris champions over here.


Christmas day was GORGEOUS here on the East coast – temperatures in the 60’s! I took the opportunity to take the long way into work, wandering through Washington Square Park to admire the Christmas tree.


Sometimes I think the day after Christmas is better than the holiday itself: Writing to loved ones, watching holiday episodes of my favorite shows, and utilizing those gifts – such as that gorgeous mug Becca gave me!

Screen shot 2015-01-03 at 6.20.15 PM

Yup, she’s still the prettiest city in the world. No filter on this one besides the natural golden hour.


Sometimes I have to get up at 6 a.m. on the weekends to head into the office, but God is pretty good about rewarding me for my trouble! Not long after this sunrise, the clouds rolled in and it rained all day. Sigh.


Yesterday I ventured to the Upper West Side on a solo adventure Рmore on that soon! I spotted this squirrel in Riverside Park and he spent a good five minutes just striking poses for the camera. What a ham.


The city is still in full Christmas mode with decorations all around! This is overlooking Columbus Circle from the shops on a tragically snowy day.

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