My week in Instagrams: 10/11/14

Hello friends! I hope your week has been fantastic! Here’s a peek at what I’ve gotten up to:

Instagram quilt

When I was in Dallas in September, I saw this gorgeous quilt in my parents’ living room (my mom made it, of course.) When she came out to visit a week later, she brought it to me! She’s quick to insist that it’s not a “keeping warm” quilt, but I beg to differ. It’s been perfect for curling up with!

Instagram Chrysler building

With some time to kill after work on Wednesday before meeting a friend, I wandered midtown taking photos – one of my favorite things to do! The reason I posted this one, though, was to go along with my favorite quote so far from Let’s All Be Brave: “Sometimes, you set sail without a view of the destination, trusting the tools you’ve got. And once you get there, you stay. You move forward, not backward. You burn your ships.”

Instagram skating rink

Yesterday I made my way up to Rockefeller Plaza – my favorite spot in the city – and was startled to see that the ice rink had already been installed! Winter is coming much, much faster than I anticipated. And yes, I did finally buy a coat.

Instagram FEED supper

Also last night, my darling friend Katie, who works for FEED, threw a FEEDsupper! Many of us gathered in her adorable Astoria apartment for a night of friendship and a home-cooked southern meal. Special thanks to Katie’s mom for coming up from Alabama and cooking for us!

Instagram JordanFinally, the week wraps up with a celebration. Today is my very best friend’s birthday! I haven’t seen Jordan since I moved from Phoenix in March, but we will be catching up on celebrations in person in just 63 days! This gem is a throwback to our college graduation party in 2011, and I promise the knife was used to cut the cake and nothing more.

What have you been up to?!

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2 thoughts on “My week in Instagrams: 10/11/14

  1. How lovely of your Mum (it’s beautiful!) – I bet you think of her every time you cuddle up with it! I *love* seeing piccies of NY on your blog (I long to go back)….feeling your excitement for when you’ll see your friend!!! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xxx


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