Hiking Breakneck Ridge: A video

Yeah, you read that right. I went hiking. On a mountain called BREAKNECK Ridge. My neck is not broken, for the record. I could have broken my friend’s neck, though, when I discovered that this “hike” I had been lured on was in fact more of a vertical rock climb. The phrase “blood, sweat and tears” has never been more real.

Breakneck Ridge from Leigh Anne Zinsmeister on Vimeo.

But you know what? I’m ridiculously proud of myself. I didn’t turn around and get on the next train back to the city. I didn’t give up and require a rescue team (apparently a common occurrence at Breakneck). I powered through, I wasn’t afraid to have my friends literally pull me up at some parts, and by the end of the day I had climbed a damn mountain. I had a very delightful day, and though there are photos and details to share later on, I just want to share that and bask in it for now.

So, enjoy!


San Francisco in video

Last fall, when my person came to visit New York City, I casually mentioned San Francisco among a list of cities I might like to visit in 2016. San Francisco is Jordan’s favorite city, and it turned out she would be attending not one but two conferences there this winter. Next thing I knew, I had lined up some vacation days and this week we spent four glorious days exploring the city by the bay. It was my first visit to any part of California that isn’t Los Angeles, and it’s safe to say I adored it! Here’s a little video of our adventures.

San Francisco 2016 from Leigh Anne Zinsmeister on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in how I make these videos, check out my post here