Preparing for winter

Y’all, it is cold outside. Cold enough that people who grew up here in the Northeast think it’s cold, too. Cold enough that three separate people reached out yesterday to ask how I was handling it (I’m fine, thanks, because I don’t go outside). Cold enough to break out all of the winter accessories I’ve been hoarding over the past two months or so.

What exactly are those accessories? I’m so glad you asked! I’m hardly an expert on this winter thing, but these are the items I’ve accumulated. Check back in the spring to find out what was necessary, what was not, and just how much more I will have added.


IMG_2959Those gray gloves are leftover from my days in the desert, likely purchased from the dollar section of Target. They were worn for maybe one month a year, when I was walking home from work or the bar and the temperatures were in the 40’s. Needless to say, I needed to step up my game in NYC. The black gloves are genuine leather (my dad sold me on leather gloves by telling me his are older than I am – those babies last forever apparently). I got them at H&M.


IMG_2964My mom made this hat for me a few years ago and I scoffed. I lived in Arizona, what did I need a winter hat for? I threw it in the back of my coat closet and forgot about it, until last winter when I was packing up to leave and came across it again. Finally it had a purpose!

IMG_2963This braided headband was an H&M impulse buy (like most of my closet). It’s perfect for keeping my ears warm! (I do not have earmuffs. That could still change).


Well, scarf.


This is from – you guessed it – H&M. To be honest, I can’t figure out how to put on scarves. How many times to you wrap it around? Does it go over or under the coat? I have a lot of questions, you guys, and people just laugh at me when I ask. Help!



I bought this faux-leather jacket about a year ago in Phoenix, expecting it to be my winter coat for years to come. HA! It’s basically a light jacket in NYC. I love it, but it no longer keeps me warm. (The above photo is from the top of a mountain in Switzerland, but it’s about how I picture New York in the winter).

200626_1918626649135_2843244_nThis coat is from Charlotte Russe circa five years ago, and served as my “heavy coat” during my time in Arizona. It does a decent job of keeping me warm here – and until last month was my heaviest coat – but it’s too small and the pocket lining is coming apart. I’m a mess.

Photo on 2014-11-18 at 13.08 Photo on 2014-11-18 at 13.09

FINALLY: The mother of all winter accessories. You may remember my desperate search for a winter coat. I finally bought this one from Lands’ End using a discount code from my roommate, who is slightly more prepared than I am (thanks Becca!) It’s designed for temperatures up to -35 Fahrenheit. I wore it yesterday when the high was 33 and it definitely kept me warm!

I may survive winter yet.

How are you preparing for winter? What else do you think I still need? Any and all advice welcome!


#BlogtemberChallenge Day 27: Wish List

What’s on your wish list? Be sure to include links so we can shop, too 😉

I was a little unsure about completing today’s prompt because I’ve spent so much time this year getting rid of things and simplifying my life. I didn’t want to tempt myself and my consumerist ways. But then it dawned on me that there are some purchases I need to make, so why not talk about those a bit? Plus, it’s more gratifying because I will get to buy something soon!

Cleveland 2011

What I really, desperately need – and am reminded of every morning when I step outside into an increasingly colder climate – is a winter coat. I have been getting by on a $30 coat I bought at Charlotte Russe five years ago, but I have no expectations that it will survive a New York winter – or even fall. The trouble with this is that I have no idea where to start! I’ve recruited some friends to go with me shopping, but do any of you have any recommendations?

The other thing I need is new PANTS!  In Phoenix I bought all my pants long and wore them with heels everywhere. That does not fly in the city of walking everywhere! Most of my pants have been destroyed because I’ve worn them with flats and through rainy weather. I do believe the answer to my problem will be crop pants – long enough to wear with flats and still be warm, and they’ll slide nicely into boots as well. I’ve been looking at these pixie ankle pants, from Old Navy (which is having a sale!) If I try them on and they fit, I might just buy every pattern and color.


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What are you shopping for this season?

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