Currently: July 2016

New York City skyline at sunset

Blah blah generic apology for being MIA, except I don’t really mean the apology because I have zero regrets. 

Reading: LOL. Still reading Out of Sorts for community group and LOVING it, and otherwise I’m in the middle of about a dozen books because nothing is holding my attention! I read exactly one book in June (I know, you’re all wondering what I’ve been doing with my life), so I really need something to stick SOON. Yesterday I started Eleanor & Park on audiobook and I think it might be the one to get me back into reading!

Wearing: Cotton shorts and a Liberty Church t-shirt because it’s early on a Saturday and I haven’t gotten dressed yet.

Buying: I need more work clothes, particularly tops, so I went to Marshalls yesterday and left with… a navy and white dress because it’s perfect for the Fourth of July. I justified it because it is also work-appropriate, and frankly, this summer is going to be brutal weather-wise. The more dresses the better! I’ll worry about tops in the fall…

In June I also bought a plane ticket from Austin to NYC for August, thus ending my delusions that I could just run away and move in with my sister.

Listening to: I’m fairly hooked on Justin Timberlake’s newest single (but who isn’t), but otherwise haven’t been listening to as much music lately. Podcasts, NPR and audiobooks have my attention for now, which makes me sound way more adult than I feel.

Eating: I just had sweet potatoes and eggs for breakfast, and I imagine this weekend will be filled with holiday-style junk food binges. America!

Watching: I am re-binging Grey’s Anatomy because I like to torture myself, and I’m keeping up with The Mindy Project although I go back and forth on whether I actually like this season. I pretty much gave up on The Bachelorette because it turns out Chad-drama was the only thing keeping me hooked.

Planning: Beach trips! I went out to Long Beach last weekend and it is basically the best ever – there will be three more beach days this month, thus rendering my #Take12Trips challenge a bit of a joke.

Excited for: Beach trips 😉 And other summer adventures! Every weekend this month is already booked up with exciting ways to soak up the sun.

Books read: 22/52- LOL

Trips taken: 9/12 – The only thing keeping me from feeling like a complete failure in June! I went to Philadelphia for a day (more on that soon!), Long Beach, and dinner at a friend’s house in Jersey City.

How last month’s challenge went: Good! I had at least an hour of screen-free time every day. God only knows what I did with it, though.

This month’s challenge: One hour of reading a day. Seriously, I need to read.

And how is YOUR July going?


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