Currently: April 2016

I’m coming at you live from NEW YORK CITY this month – the first extra-long weekend this year I’ve not spent travelling. I’m very much looking forward to spending the entirety of my favorite month in my favorite city, and I have so many adventures planned already. Stay tuned!

Reading: After plowing through SIX books in March (more on those soon!), I’m currently struggling to get into my next read – I’m one chapter in to several different books, hoping to find one that sticks. We’ll see!

Wearing: As much orange as possible, because it’s currently Saturday evening and Syracuse is playing in the Final Four tonight! My best friend went to Syracuse and we’re off to a ‘cuse bar in the city tonight to watch the action.

Buying: As little as possible, because March got a little out of control.

Listening to: Nothing! I know, I’m so boring this month!

Eating: I just downed a Shake Shack burger and half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, so real healthy stuff.

Watching: I spent last night, the first of April, catching up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and then, since I missed television so much during my March break, I watched the first few episodes of Happy Endings. I may have found my next binge!

Planning: So many springtime excursions for April! Botanic gardens, birthday festivities, brunches and ice cream shops and Smorgasburg (it’s baaaaack!)

Excited for: This entire month, if you couldn’t tell.

Hoping: That Syracuse wins tonight! I didn’t go to a basketball school, so it’s really fun to have a team to root for.

Books read: 13/52

Trips taken: 5/12

This month’s challenge: Eat a serving of vegetables every day. I roasted a bunch of veggies yesterday that I ate for dinner last night, and then for… breakfast today, so I wouldn’t have to think about it and scramble for a carrot or something at 11 p.m. Nailed it!

And how is YOUR April going?


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