Christmas in NYC

Although the trees are (mostly) spectacular, my favorite thing about Christmastime in New York is that everything gets into the spirit. Every store window is decked out, every plant is draped with lights, every spare space is filled with a decoration. And the result is nothing short of magical.

Angel decorations at Rockefeller Plaza Christmas trees on Rockefeller Plaza with Saks Fifth Avenue in the background

Rockefeller is known for its main tree, yes, but it wouldn’t have an impact without the other decorations on the plaza – the backup singers, if you will. Smaller trees and angels line the walkway, and at the end is Saks Fifth Avenue – a spectacle all its own. The palace motif is fabulous, right? Well, at night…

Saks Fifth Avenue, Christmas 2015

…it not only lights up, but in tune to musical accompaniment.

The Union Square Holiday Market 2015 The Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park 2015

The holiday markets – pictured are the Union Square Holiday Market and the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park – are the best places to pick up Christmas gifts. Not only do they feature local companies with products that can be hard to find the rest of the year, they have that Christmas vibe made famous by the markets in Europe. Bryant Park’s is my favorite. In addition to shopping, the center of the park becomes a skating rink (it’s free if you bring your own skates!) and features one of those famous trees.

Close-up of the Christmas tree at Bryant Park 2015

Although the big picture is obviously amazing, every little detail that goes into these trees, as well as all of the other decorations, is mind-blowing. And I’m thrilled that this snowflake is the closest thing I’ve seen to actual snow this season!

Grand Central Terminal decked out for Christmas, 2015

Grand Central is one of the most iconic parts of New York City anyway, and its decorations are classic and understated: wreaths, red ribbons, and not much more. Inside, you’ll find another holiday market, the perfect place for commuters to pick up gifts!

The New York Public Library at Christmas 2015

And because not a single opportunity should be missed, the statues at the New York Public Library are decked out in the holiday spirit as well. Maybe it’s just me, but this lion looks pretty darn happy to be celebrating!

Which photo is your favorite? For more, see my 2014 Christmas photos!


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