Africa in videos, and some notes on the making of

You guys know I’ve been having fun making little videos of my adventures and posting them over on Vimeo. Well, Africa was such a big, varying trip that I felt it warranted TWO videos – one about our time on safari and one about the work we did with Children’s Cup – and I’m so excited to share them with you here.

South African Safari from Leigh Anne Zinsmeister on Vimeo.

Children’s Cup Swaziland from Leigh Anne Zinsmeister on Vimeo.

I make my videos using a fairly new iPhone app called Cameo, which is actually run by Vimeo. I took some basic videography courses in college as part of my journalism degree, and all of my videos at the time were absolute garbage. I just couldn’t manage the heavy equipment, the sound, the lighting – and then all of the work that goes into uploading shots to a computer followed by tedious editing.

Cameo makes everything SO easy because I can do everything – from shooting to editing to uploading – right on my phone. These videos here are WAY better than anything I ever produced in college! And last week I had the honor of visiting the Vimeo offices here in New York City and chatting with some of the Cameo team, so I can now officially say that this company is as cool as they seem, and the people are fantastic. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to explore video-making, because I never thought it was something I could handle!

I swear they didn’t pay me to say any of this. I’m just a huge, huge fan of the company and their product! Thanks for helping me document my trip, Vimeo!


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