Catching Up on Instagram: 10/4/15

Life has continued to be insane lately and shows no signs of slowing down until at least November. Between hosting visitors (most recently my person Jordan!) and rapidly transitioning from summer to fall (think a 30-degree temperature drop in less than a week), life in Brooklyn feels like a whirlwind and I’m just caught in the riptide. It’s been fun, though, especially with community groups kicking off this past week! Here’s a little peek…


My cousin Kelly has friends in Brooklyn, which means I get the honor of seeing her face a couple times a year! Her most recent visit overlapped with my parents’ so we all enjoyed a dinner and night at the theatre.

Screen shot 2015-10-04 at 12.14.58 PM

I had a pretty bad day a couple weeks ago, and after mentioning it to a couple girlfriends, five of them appeared at my door and magically turned my kitchen into a nacho bar (and then did my dishes!) because they are 100% the best.


My friends are much more athletic than I am (not difficult to achieve, but they’re insanely fit and talented!) I recently ventured into Manhattan early on a Sunday to cheer on Kelli and Maria in a 10K, and I got to glimpse the sunrise on my walk to the train.

Last week I went on my first major shopping spree in a long time. I usually stick to a list of basics I’m looking for in any given season, but in addition to the unplanned splurges above, I picked up a sweater (my first clothing item from Anthropologie!) when out with my friend Abby.


Finally, I spent Friday hiding from the pre-hurricane by ducking out of the crazy wind and rain and into Union Square Theatre to see 39 Steps, a comedic interpretation of the Hitchcock film. The perfect way to kick off a weekend that otherwise consisted of lying in bed for two days straight. Gotta rest up for the craziness to come!

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