What I’m reading lately

One of the greatest delights in my day-to-day life is reading. As a kid, I always had my nose in a book (mostly The Baby-Sitters Club) and I just never really stopped. I like to think my tastes have matured – these days it’s more historical fiction than middle-school series. But otherwise, I’m still usually wandering around with a book (or more likely my Kindle), reading in the park, on the train, in bed. My goal in 2015 was to read 30 books, and as of now I’ve read 26 – so I’m feeling pretty good about it! Here’s the best of what I’ve read lately.

Elizabeth StreetLaurie Fabiano: A look at an Italian immigrant family in Little Italy in the early 1900s, Elizabeth Street is historical fiction based on the author’s family. I’ve been a little obsessed with NYC historical fiction lately, and this included a fascinating look at the mafia.

How Not to Travel the World, Lauren Juliff: This is a book written by the girl who runs Neverending Footsteps, which is one of my very favorite blogs to read. Buying her memoir was a no-brainer for me and I read it very quickly.

New York, Edward Rutherford: This was a bit of a doozy, a one-thousand-page historical-fiction piece following a family through the generations in New York City, from 1664 to 2009. It took me six weeks to get through but I LOVED it, and am itching to read Rutherford’s other books about other places.

Paris Letters, Janice Macleod: Paris Letters is a fun little memoir about a woman who quits her job and moves to Paris, falls in love with a Frenchman, and uses her creative talents to start her own business. Basically the dream.

The Post-Birthday World, Lionel Shriver: Look, a novel that’s not historical fiction! The first chapter of The Post-Birthday World ends with the main character at a bit of a crossroads, and for the rest of the book the chapters alternate between two universes – one in which she (metaphorically) goes right at the start, and one in which she goes left. It was a little difficult to read at times (just more flowery than I’m used to) but worth the read, if only for the thought-provoking ending.

Mindy Day

Currently, I’m reading Why Not Me? by my queen Mindy Kaling – it came out yesterday and was delivered to my apartment, having preordered it months ago. It’s got me feeling like that little girl again, nose in book until it’s done! I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

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