Looking back: Switzerland

It’s time for another look back on one of my pre-blogging trips! In other words, I was going through old photographs and couldn’t resist throwing a few of them together to share, as I was getting nostalgic again.


Lucerne, Switzerland was one of the stops on the Contiki tour I did last spring (2014). I had honestly never really thought about visiting Switzerland before, but completely fell for the mountains, lake and small-town charm of Lucerne. With a population under 100,000, it’s probably the smallest city I’ve ever been able to picture myself living in! The whole town looked like something out of a postcard and the people were SO friendly.

IMG_1758 IMG_1744

It wasn’t a perfect experience – we stayed at a hotel that used to be a prison, and let’s just say it still felt like one. But we spent the days roaming cobblestone streets, setting sail on Lake Lucerne and venturing to the top of Mount Pilatus, where it was very snowy and windy even in May! We even found an arcade bar and ate the best sauce of our lives at a chicken restaurant – the whole group agreed.

IMG_1743 IMG_1742 IMG_1740 IMG_1737 IMG_1734

Although Lucerne, like everywhere else I’ve been, is a place I’m itching to return to, I think my next trip to Switzerland needs to include some other stops too – maybe Zurich or Geneva?! And maybe some skydiving in the Alps… I mean, no, Mom, that’s definitely not a thing I’ve considered or researched extensively.


Have you ever been to Switzerland? Tell me about it!


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