Currently: September 2015


As summer comes to a close, I’m spending as much time as possible on rooftops.

Reading: I’m finally about to start One Thousand Gifts! I’ve been wanting to read this forever and my turn at the library finally came around.

Wearing: Grey shorts, a purple striped t-shirt, blue flats, my giving key, hair in a bun and no makeup. Despite the fact that tomorrow is the unofficial end of summer, the heat and humidity show no signs of letting up! I’m all for it, but it means my weekend uniform continues to be very basic.

Buying: I’m due for a trip to Forever 21 to grab leggings and solid t-shirts to wear in Africa. My plan is to bring as little as possible for myself to make more room in my luggage for presents for the kids we’ll be visiting. I’ll be mixing and matching inexpensive basics the whole week.

Listening to: So much country music on Spotify, because I’m fasting television. One more week! Current song: Could it Be by Charlie Worsham

Eating: I had rice & veggies for lunch because I’m 100% planning on jalapeno mac & cheese for dinner later at Alice’s Arbor. (Also if you’re confused, I’m writing this on Saturday. Sunday I’ll be stuffing my face with bagels at church, as usual.)

Watching: NOTHING, due to the aforementioned television fast. But I’m very much looking forward to the return of The Mindy Project next week!

Planning: Oh boy. A weekly social community group for this fall, a visit from my parents, a visit from my best friend (her first trip to NYC!), a casual trip to Swaziland. Actually, that’s more a list of things I should be planning.

Excited for: All of the above!

Cherishing: The end of summer! I wish it could last forever. (I said that out loud last night at a barbecue and was quickly assured that I am the only one who feels this way. That’s all right by me. I’ll advocate for summer always.)

Wishing: I could be in Texas this fall for some Friday Night Lights! My high school is back in our stadium after a … mishap… last year involving a broken foundation. We’re the three-time defending state champs and I love being there to cheer them on in person! Luckily they were featured on Snapchat this week so I was able to experience it that way – social media is nuts sometimes.

Hoping: to get the chance to catch up with some friends of mine who are in NYC for the long weekend. I think I know four people from my “past lives,” as I refer to it, who are currently in NYC.


Even from my pastors’ rooftop, the Freedom Tower looms higher.


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