My new favorite thing in LA: The Venice Canals

When I booked my flight to Los Angeles earlier this summer, I honestly figured Kathleen and I would enjoy a quiet week revolving around brunch and beaches. I’ve spent a lot of time in LA over the years and this trip was to be way less about sightseeing and way more about quality friend time after two years apart.

With that said, I did have one special sightseeing request: visiting the Venice Canals. This neighborhood has canals instead of roads, designed to mirror those in its much more famous counterpart, Venice, Italy. On a sunny Friday, Kathleen and I wandered the pathways, snapping photos and trying to decide which adorable home we would want to be ours. Because, you guys – if I’m ever a millionaire, I’m moving here.

IMG_4987 IMG_4988 IMG_4990 IMG_4994 IMG_4996_2 IMG_4997 IMG_5002 IMG_5003IMG_4992

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to be touristy for a day! Which house would YOU choose? I’m going with the boxy orange one, of course.


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