Boston’s Freedom Trail


As a history nerd, one of my absolute favorite parts of Boston – and the first thing I did after ditching my bags at the condo I was staying at – was walking the Freedom Trail. Established in the 1950s, the Freedom Trail winds 2.5 miles from the Boston Common to the Charlestown Navy Yard. It leads past 16 significant historical sites, places where crucial moments occurred during the American Revolution.

It is ridiculous how cool it was to be standing there, walking paths our forefathers walked and looking at the buildings where they gathered.

Boston Common

I spent a lot of time in America’s oldest park as the days wore on, but I first visited it as the starting point of the Freedom Trail.


Massachusetts State House

I spotted this building from across the common and planned to walk over to check it out anyway, before realizing that it was the next stop! Isn’t the dome just gorgeous?!



Park Street Church


Granary Burial Ground

I started my walk around 5 p.m., so most places – including these burying grounds – were already closed for the day.


King’s Chapel


King’s Chapel Burying Ground

Benjamin Franklin Statue & Boston Latin School


Old Corner Bookstore

Now a Chipotle.


Old South Meeting House


Old State House


Site of Boston Massacre


Faneuil Hall

I ducked in here to grab postcards for my family – it seemed to be mostly gimmicky touristy shops but still fun to check out! Quincy Hall is right behind and is a great spot to grab food. (Yes this photo is of the back of the building. I didn’t know!)


Paul Revere House

I somehow didn’t get a picture, but here’s his statue!


Old North Church


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground


Bunker Hill Monument


USS Constitution

I didn’t go this far because I was meeting someone for dinner, but the ship was closed for restoration anyway. Besides, I think it’s best to leave some things unseen so there’s a reason to return!

If you want to visit the Freedom Trail, this site is a fantastic resource. I’ve heard people advise to allow 3-4 hours to do the whole thing, but it took me 3 and a half without being able to duck into any of the museums!  If you’re like me and stop to read every plaque, this could easily take half a day or more.

Happy travels!


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