Did anyone else see The Imitation Game? I only saw it because I felt like I should see at least one best-picture nominee before this year’s Oscars, but it ended up making me think.  A lot. And not about the things I was probably supposed to be thinking about after seeing a movie about World War II, homosexuality and (spoiler alert) suicide.

Partway through the film, the only female character in the male-dominated intelligence team announces she has to leave and go back to her parents’ home. “It’s my parents,” she explains. “I’m 25, I’m unmarried, I’m living alone, and they want me home.” The protagonist responds with, “that’s ridiculous.”

It is ridiculous, isn’t it?


At this point, my roommate turned to me and jokingly said, “You’re not moving to Texas in April, are you?!” No, I’m pretty sure if I showed up at my parents’ home with suitcases today they would laugh in my face (in the most supportive way possible, of course).

At 25 (today!), as an  unmarried woman working in a male-dominated industry who lives with another unmarried twenty-something woman in the same industry, I couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that it’s 2015 and I live in America.


I’m so blessed to get to live the exact life I want – to work in a newsroom and live in my favorite city and spend all of my money on plane tickets and hotel rooms.I’m even more blessed to have a supportive family and the most insanely wonderful group of friends, near and far.


This year, I’m taking advantage of this freedom. I’m fully committed to spending my twenty-fifth year writing, traveling, sitting in the sunshine, drinking lattes with friends and eating as much cheesecake as humanly possible. And I’m so excited to do it all with you at my side!


5 thoughts on “Twenty-Five

  1. I promise I wouldn’t laugh if you showed up at our door today, but I’d much rather you keep living your wonderful life! Happy Birthday sweet girl (maybe my blog post should have been “thoughts on parenting a fabulous 25 year old”?)


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