Currently: Jan. 21


Doing: Blogging, of course! Other plans for tonight include catching up on Parks & Rec and hopefully going to bed by 10.

Reading: The Power of a Praying Woman for the community group I’m leading (there’s still time to sign up!) and Never Can Say GoodBye

Wearing: Skinny jeans, black combat boots (my everyday winter shoes), a turquoise sweater I’ve had since college (American Eagle, anyone?!), and the charm necklace my parents gave me for Christmas.

Listening to: My friend Emmie lent me her copy of Taylor Swift’s 1989 CD so I could put it on my phone – I refuse to pay for T.Swift’s music due to my probably unhealthy loyalty to Spotify, but I can’t deny that I love her. My favorite tracks so far are Out of the Woods and Wildest Dreams, but Bad Blood is currently stuck in my head!

Eating: I’m thinking mac & cheese for dinner. There’s a box of the frozen stuff from Trader Joe’s in the freezer and it’s such a great standby!

Drinking: Water, always! But I did enjoy a latte earlier today (still mourning the end of peppermint mocha season!)

Watching: Like I said, I’ll be catching up on Parks & Rec tonight. Otherwise I’m still watching all my favorites (except How to Get Away With Murder, but that’s a whole story). I’m also slowly working my way through my favorite show, Friends, from the beginning for the first time in years. Thanks, Netflix!

Planning: I have ZERO travel plans booked for this year so far, but about a zillion ideas whirling around my brain. Cleveland, Toronto, Miami? Who knows!

Excited for: WINTER TO END. You guys, I know I complain a lot about how much I hate winter, but really. Is it over yet? The weather forecast for tonight says no. Sigh.


What are you up to?


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