Currently: Nov. 23

NYC is stuck in a purgatory where it's freezing outside but it's not snowing and the Christmas decorations aren't complete.

NYC is stuck in a purgatory where it’s freezing outside but it’s not snowing and the Christmas decorations aren’t complete.

Reading: End of Secrets by Ryan Quinn. This technically doesn’t come out until December 1, but I got an advance copy through the Kindle First program and it is seriously SO GOOD.

Wearing: New skinny jeans, tee-shirt, boots. When I go outside later I’ll add about 6,000 layers.

Buying:  I’m newly stocked up on winter accessories, but I keep thinking of more I need to get! Hoping to hold off on shopping for myself until after the holidays. (You’ll notice the answer here is not “Christmas gifts,” which I definitely have not started thinking about yet.)

Listening to: Um, Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. On repeat.

That was super embarrassing to admit.

Eating: I had a bagel and a banana for breakfast, and lunch will be whatever they’re serving volunteers at church later. Sundays are great.

Drinking: Black coffee at the moment but it’s peppermint mocha season and those are absolutely my weakness.

Watching: Tomorrow is my annual “Thanksgiving episodes of Friends” marathon. Yippee!

Excited for: So much, as always! I’ll be eating all of the pie on Thursday (Thanksgiving here in the USA!), my roommate and I scored tickets to SNL on Dec. 6 (James Franco is hosting, yum), our friend Misha is visiting soon and I’m spending a week in Phoenix next month!

What have you been up to lately?


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