It’s Election Day: Go vote!

Just a quick PSA to remind you that midterm elections are today in America, so if you’re in the USA, go exercise your right to vote and cast a ballot!

Election Day 2014If you’re lucky like me, your polling station will be nearly empty and you’ll be able to use the extra time you allowed to treat yourself to a coffee and some alone time before the rest of your day gets rolling.

I don’t care why you vote (they give you a sticker! your friends will think you’re cool!) and I certainly don’t care who or what you vote for. Just GO VOTE!


3 thoughts on “It’s Election Day: Go vote!

  1. Whenever I took her to vote, my Gran used to proudly shout, to anyone who would hear, “I’ve voted in every election I was able to vote in throughout my whole life”. We forget that some groups of people didn’t have the right to vote not so very long ago.


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