#BlogtemberChallenge Day 28: September in Review

What were your highs and lows for this month?

September has been INCREDIBLE! I feel as though I say that every month, but truly, each is better than the one before. It’s been a month of friendship and adventures and welcoming autumn. And it’s not over yet! But here’s a look at what I’ve gotten up to.

Niagara Falls

I kicked off the month with a bang, waking up in Toronto and driving 10 hours to New York City with a stop at Niagara Falls!

I spent much of the month adventuring around NYC, getting excited and also panicking about fall, hanging out with friends and drafting blog posts.

Dallas, September 2014

Last weekend I flew to Dallas to see my parents’ new house (that they moved into 6 months ago…). It was a wonderful three days of eating my weight in tacos, exploring parts of the city I hadn’t seen before and taking dozens of selfies with the dog.

As for lows… I’m not sure September had any! The temperatures have been slowly decreasing, which is wonderful but has set me off worrying about winter (I am so not a cold-weather girl). There have been some stressful days of trying to balance work, the Blogtember Challenge and my friendships, but I think I’m getting the swing of it! All in all, it’s been a month of exploring, learning, and preparing for the new season.

Brave Love Blog

What have you been up to?


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