#BlogtemberChallenge Day 24: Fall Bucket List

Your fall bucket list. What do you want to do before winter rolls around?

I continue to just be absolutely giddy about getting to experience an actual fall this year. As I mentioned the other day, my last 12 years have been tragically fall-less, and so I want to experience every last thing I’ve been missing out on!

In Phoenix, "fall" is pretty pathetic due to 90-degree temperatures throughout October.

In Phoenix, “fall” is pretty pathetic due to 90-degree temperatures throughout October.

In order to give my chance to actually accomplish my goals, though, I’m going to do what I did with my summer bucket list and limit myself to three goals. Anything else I accomplish before winter comes by will be a bonus!

1. Go apple picking. I had a friend mention that this is possible outside the city, and one of my readers suggested it in a comment recently! I love apples – and applesauce, and apple crisp, and apple cider… – so I can’t think of a better way to celebrate fall than by picking my own and then baking up a storm!

2. See the fall leaves. Orange is my very favorite color so I can’t wait to see the whole world display it! I can already tell this one will be easy to accomplish – the leaves in my Brooklyn neighborhood are already starting to change – but I want to spend time at Central Park and just really soak it all in before winter comes along.

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving. I have no idea what this will look like yet. I’ll definitely be working (so excited for the extra vacation day I’ll get in exchange), but I’ll possibly be able to do so from home. I’m hoping my roommate and I, and any visitors, can whip up something resembling a Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy my favorite tradition!

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What else do I need to do during my very first grown-up fall?


8 thoughts on “#BlogtemberChallenge Day 24: Fall Bucket List

  1. oh I’ve been thinking about cooking apples too! In fact I was just telling someone yesterday how I used to make homemade applesauce & YOU loved it! what else should you do? gosh I don’t know….


  2. You’ll love apple picking! And I wish you many a happy moment in Central Park, leaf gazing! And, wow, Brooklyn: you’ve never spotted Paul Auster on your walks around have you??!! [Fan-struck, just imagining it!]…and I really, really hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving xxxx


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