#BlogtemberChallenge Day 14: Blogging

When did you start blogging and why?

Oh, what a question. I started blogging in Fall 2009, when I live-blogged every episode of So You Think You Can Dance. (That’s here, if you need a laugh). That lasted one season, plus a random post in 2010. I started blogging again in Fall 2010 because it was a requirement for the digital media class I was taking. Man, nothing makes you hate something more than it being a requirement. I blogged about teaching myself to cook and stopped on the final day of the semester. (Sorry, you can’t read that gem – it was hosted on my school’s website and deleted when I graduated).

So, how did A Genuine Delight come to be? The seed was planted in March, when I moved cross-country and everyone (well, my mom) asked how they could keep up with my adventures. The name and concept were born after I received a lovely note (well, a Facebook message) from my great-aunt in Thailand. I built the site at the beginning of August, wrote the About page, and sent it to my lovely supportive friend Kathleen. And then I wrote the first post three weeks ago!

I love to write, so why not put some of those thoughts on display?

So, this website is still very, very new. I’m still learning what I want it to look like, what its purpose is, how I want it to function. I started it for a variety of reasons, outlined in that first post. But even over the course of a few weeks it’s done more for me than I could have imagined. It’s forced me to think deeply about myself and the world (largely thanks to the BlogtemberChallenge). It’s prompted some discussions with the people I know. And it’s “introduced” me to new friends and bloggers I didn’t know before!

I’m so thrilled I decided to start blogging – and even more thrilled that I’ve done it on my own timetable.

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8 thoughts on “#BlogtemberChallenge Day 14: Blogging

  1. haha I definitely understand the “hating it because it was a requirement thing” lol. I was an art major and they required us to do a new art piece every single day for the entire semester….It was rough. I took an art break after that…lol


  2. I had no idea you were so new to the blogosphere! So exciting! I might just go back and read the So You Think You Can Dance blogs, that sounds hilarious! If you’ve ever got any questions about blogging feel free to ask- I can’t promise to know the answer, but I can give it a try!


  3. Rachel G says:

    Whoa, I didn’t realize that your site here is so new! Welcome to the little world of blogging…and I also have the personality where I probably wouldn’t enjoy it much if I had to do it or had to write about particular things….


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