My Week(s) in Instagrams: 12/13/14

Hi friends! It’s been a while since my last Instagram post – December is such a crazy busy month! I wanted to stop by and give you all a sample of what I’ve been up to. This isn’t every photo from the past two weeks (NYC is so photogenic!) so be sure to follow me here to see everything!


I bought an ASU ornament to start to even the score a bit – my roommate is an Arizona grad (it’s her only flaw) and there are wayyyyy too many Arizona A’s on this tree!


The upside to walking to Trader Joe’s in snow/rain/sleet is that the streets of Downtown Brooklyn are looking incredibly festive these days!


Think Coffee has become my default break spot during workdays, now that it’s too cold to hang out on a park bench with a book. I love to settle in with a latte, a muffin and either a book or the latest episode of Serial!


My dear friend Misha was in town last weekend and dragged me to a University of Arizona alumni event in midtown to watch the PAC-12 championships. I wore a blue shirt to avoid the ire of strangers – but you all know I was still supporting the ASU Sun Devils (who were not playing, for the record.)


After eight months of living in NYC, I finally made it to a museum! Becca, Misha and I headed to the Met on a rainy Saturday.


Sometimes you just need ice cream for dinner, am I right?


New York is just as magical and festive as everyone says it is this time of year – I’ve spent many hours just wandering the streets taking pictures. Stay tuned this week to see more!


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